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and learn over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Our online program will end in September of 2020.
The last possible enrollment period is for courses that begin June 1, 2020 and must be registered by May 18, 2020.
No courses will be offered after that June enrollment date.

Online courses at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College are video-recorded classes (in their entirety), that offer the online student the opportunity to participate in the exact same classroom experience as the students who have moved to Baton Rouge to attend the college in person. The online student has the added advantage of viewing a classroom lecture as many times as he or she wants, while local students experience a lecture only once.

So if you are looking for an online Bible college with courses that can flex into your daily schedule, then look no further than Jimmy Swaggart Bible College. We offer numerous degree programs that are appropriate for anyone seeking a solid understanding of the Word of God.

Jimmy Swaggart Bible College provides a focused biblical studies experience that is unequaled in the world of graduate and post graduate online Christian education. Our Pentecostal fire is evident in our education, as numerous testimonials from our students show. As a Christian college, the Jimmy Swaggart Bible College’s statement of faith bears witness to its impeccable standards and clear focus of living God’s Word in daily life and living.


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sample lectures

Loren Larson's lecture sample
Loren Larson
Lecture on I & II Timothy
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Loren Larson's lecture sample
Bob Cornell
Lecture on Galatians
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Loren Larson's lecture sample
David Borg
Lecture on Bible Doctrines
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Loren Larson's lecture sample
Mike Muzzerall
Lecture on Church History
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