Courses Overview

  1. The highlight of the student's online learning experience will be the ability of the student to view the video lectures of their course. We have captured lectures in their entirety, thus allowing the online student to participate in the exact same classroom experience as the students who have moved to Baton Rouge to attend school. In fact, the online student will have somewhat of an advantage in that, if they desire they will be able to view a lecture as many times as they want, while those here in Baton Rouge would only experience the lecture once.

  2. Courses will differ on the number of lectures based upon several factors. Each course that we offer will allow the student access to anywhere from 20 to 40 lectures. Some courses are conducted three times a week and others only two. Other variables in the number of lectures may exist when the course was taught in summer as opposed to a fall or spring semester.

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  1. We have supplied access to four different lectures representative of four different subjects from four different professors. Not only can the prospective student view what their lecture online experience will be like, they will also have the opportunity to experience the different personalities and attributes of our professors. This may help the student in choosing which classes they desire to take.

  2. The link to the four example lectures.... (CLICK Professor's name to follow the link)

    1. Loren Larson - Lecturing on I & II Timothy
    2. Bob Cornell - Lecturing on Galatians
    3. Mike Muzzerall - Lecturing on Church History
    4. David Borg - Lecturing on Bible Doctrines

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  1. Credit - a credit student is one who desires to participate in every aspect of the course. This means that they are responsible to view every lecture, read the required books, do the required homework, and take all quizzes and exams. The credit student will receive a grade for their efforts and has the possibility of graduating in one of our degree programs. They will be responsible for all course costs including required textbooks.

  2. Audit - the audit student is not required to read textbooks, do any homework, or take any quizzes or exams. Their goal and desire is to learn the subject matter through the viewing of the video lectures. They are not eligible to receive credit towards any degree program that we offer. They will have the same amount of time to view and review class lectures. Their participation is with the video lectures only.

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  1. Courses must be registered for no later than two weeks prior to their start date.

  2. If you miss the window for registering for the course you want, either audit or credit, don’t worry, the opportunity to take the course you want is just a few days away.


    1. Credit Courses - Each available credit course will begin on the first business day of every month.

    2. The Course will last for 16 weeks from start date.

    3. The number of lectures per course will vary. They will average 20 - 40 lectures per course.

    4. The lectures will range from 30 minutes to 70 minutes each.

    5. A student may finish the course as quickly as he is able but will always have 16 weeks to finalize all responsibilities and view the video lectures.

    6. If for some reason the student gets behind our suggested time table, it will not hurt them in an overall sense. With a little extra effort they should be able to catch up.

    7. Registration for each credit course will close approximately two weeks before its advertised start date.


    1. Audit Courses - Each available audit course will begin on both the first work day of every month, and, as well, as near the 15th of each month as possible. All audit courses will run for 16 weeks.

    2. Registration for each audit course will close two weeks before its advertised start date.

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  • To see how our Program's Courses are scheduled, please visit our Program Schedule page.


    1. Video Lectures - we estimate the student will need to set aside 2 to 3 hours per week in order to view class lectures and keep up with the recommended timetable.

    2. Reading - while each course differs we estimate students will need to set aside 1 to 3 hours per week for reading assignments.

    3. Previews / Quizzes / Exams - we estimate that the viewing of previews or taking quizzes and the taking of exams will require 1 to 2 hours per week. This will vary week to week.

    4. We understand that every student will differ in their scholastic abilities and study practices, With that in mind we feel that for the average student, each credit course would require 4 to 8 hours per week.

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    1. After having read the sections on the Requirements page, the student is now ready to proceed with the choice of a course. The student will be selecting from the list of courses that are available on the Available Courses page.

    2. On that page, whenever a student clicks on the 'Sign Up' button on a course, they will be taken to the JSBC Online Store to register and pay for that course.

    3. The student will then choose the time frame desired.

    4. If the student has not already, he/she will need to spend a few minutes establishing an account.

    5. The student will then pay for the course selected using a credit/debit card or by using Paypal.

    6. After payment has been made, the student will receive a receipt.

    7. Once the student's account has been processed by JSBC, he/she will receive an invitation from Canvas via email to participate in the class he/she has chosen.

    8. Once the student receives the invitation email, he/she may then log on to the Canvas website at using his/her email address and password.

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