A definite born-again experience is essential for admission to JSBC. Preference is given to student applicants who have established a history of active participation in their local churches. The applicant’s commitment must include a life of personal holiness, refraining from any sinful practices.

Students who have not received the baptism in the Holy Spirit will be encouraged to seek and receive the experience. It is expected that all applicants should be sympathetic toward the doctrinal statement contained in this catalog.

Graduation from an accredited/approved high school is the basic educational requirement for admission. A transcript of high school work is required. Non-high school graduates who have satisfactory GED scores will be considered.

Applicants must be at least 17 years of age at the time of enrollment. Special consideration may be given to younger applicants by the Admissions Committee. There is no upper age limit. Applicants must be in good health and be capable of carrying a demanding academic load.

Formal application for admission must be made on regular forms supplied by the college. All application forms should be filed with the Office of Admissions no later than 3 weeks before the first day of class for the fall semester and 4 weeks before the first day of class for the spring semester. The following forms must be on file with the college:

  1. Application form and photo.
  2. Medical report.
  3. Three references: one from the pastor, one from a teacher, and one from a Christian friend.
  4. Transcript from high school and post-secondary studies. Official transcripts must be sent directly to JSBC from their place of origin. They must not be hand carried or issued to students.
  5. A copy of the applicant’s state issued driver’s license or I.D.
  6. A completed VeriFirst background check request form (provided in the application).
  7. A non-refundable application fee of $50 per individual or $80 per couple.
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At this time JSBC. is unable to accept international students. However, our international viewers should consider our Online Learning Program. CLICK HERE for more informtion.

Applicants are cordially invited to visit the campus, to obtain application forms, and to confer with a counselor from Admissions regarding their plans for college. It is required to write or phone the Office of Admissions in advance to arrange an appointment. While on campus, the prospective student will attend classes and chapel, talk with an Admissions counselor, and meet students.