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Students enter JSBC to be trained by Spirit-filled men and women for the glory of God.

As a student, you will make the commitment to be a part of this vision.The following seven covenant principles, are based on the Scriptures.

The Biblical foundation for each of these Covenant Principles is set forth on the following pages. Each student is strongly urged to prayerfully consider each of these foundations for an effective ministry and testimony to the world. It is our fervent prayer that each student will grow spiritually as well as academically. We stand ready to pray and work with each student in these areas. Please feel free to reach out if a need exists.

I. We/I covenant to seek the Lord’s guidance through daily personal prayer and Bible study and by faithfully attending daily chapels and weekly Church services.
II. We/I covenant to be faithful and punctual in attending class sessions and other academic gatherings, constantly seeking to be diligent in developing the full potential of our/my mind.
III. We/I covenant to practice good health and physical fitness by getting appropriate rest and exercise and by observing a balanced diet.
IV. We/I covenant to embrace and hold to a life of personal holiness, refraining from sinful practices and observing the college standard of dress and appearance.
V. We/I covenant to be mindful and diligent in properly handling all business and financial responsibilities.
VI. We/I covenant to be continually involved in ministry, always looking for and using every opportunity to minister, teach, proclaim, and bless others for Christ.
VII. We/I covenant to walk in humility toward others and live in submission to those in authority, obeying all college rules and regulations, and always manifesting a cooperative and teachable attitude.

Prayer plays a vital roll in the daily life of JSBC. Prayer times are made available to all of our students, and they are encouraged to attend these prayer meetings as much as possible. Multiple weekly prayer meetings are held at the College as well as the prayer meetings held at FWC. Also, very special to the students, are the times of “Hall Prayer,” which is a time designated to resident students to get together on their respective floors and share in devotions and prayer.

Classroom of the Holy Spirit
Students enter JSBC to be trained by Spirit-filled men and women for the glory of God.

All full-time students, regardless of whether or not they reside on campus, are required to attend Wednesday and Friday, for vibrant Pentecostal chapel services under the leadership of the president of the College. Professors and guest speakers will preach and teach the Word, each bringing their own unique experience and testimony of God’s grace, coupled with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to make for powerful times of learning and growth for the students. It is not uncommon for the Holy Spirit to move so strongly that the service is literally turned over to times of worship and altar time before the Lord. Mondays are scheduled for student ministry practicum in which the students gather and report on their weekly church attendance as well as give account for their weekly practicum (hands-on ministry). Students will choose from a variety of options such as nursing home, children’s ministry, crossfire, etc.

Family Worship Center, the sanctuary on the grounds of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries, is the home church for all JSBC students. All full-time students are required to faithfully attend both Sunday services and the Wednesday evening service. Students are encouraged to attend all other special services and conferences. Students who were Baton Rouge area residents attending a church of like faith before entering JSBC may leave their membership with and continue attending that church upon written approval from the dean of students.

While attending JSBC, students are encouraged to get involved in many of the activities and outreaches of FWC. Students will have the opportunity and privilege of learning and growing under the anointed ministry of Brother Swaggart and other outstanding pastors, evangelists, and missionaries.