Q. What age do I have do be to attend your school? Is there an age limit? Am I too old to attend JSBC?

    A. You’ll be pleased to know that we have no upper age limit for our students. We take students ages 18 years and over.

Q. How long does the acceptance process take?

    A. This really depends on how quickly we receive the application and all pertinent information. Acceptance can be fairly quick if all the information is presented in a timely fashion. This is why it is recommended that the prospective student gather all transcripts (individually sealed), references (individually sealed if desired), identification and immunization records and submit at one time with the application in a sealed envelope. This way there is no wait time on individual pieces to arrive and thus speeds up the process considerably.

Q. Can I receive financial aid for JSBC (i.e. federal grants, scholarships and loans via FAFSA etc.)?

    A. Unfortunately, due to our non-accredited status JSBC cannot receive such funds. However, you will be pleased to know that we do strive to keep our costs as low as possible for our students and we do offer payment plans. Please see our financial information page for more information.

Q. If I’m still in high school, when is the soonest possible time I can send in my application? If I’m not in high school, how soon should I apply?

    A. If you are still in high school, we ask that you apply no sooner than your senior year. The staff would like to have the most current and up to date information on you, and applying any sooner than that often requires updating information. Furthermore, if you’ve already graduated high school, we ask that you apply no sooner than one year before you intend to attend our school, again we need the most current and up to date information about you.

Q. Do I have to have a high school diploma or GED to attend the school?

    A. Yes, either a high school diploma or GED is required for admission into our school.

Q. How do I go about getting a GED?

    A. You will need to contact the Department of Education in your state for more information about getting a GED where you live as well as study/preparation programs that prepare you for a GED test.

Q. Do I have to take the ACT in order to attend JSBC?

    A. No, this is not mandatory. We do ask for it on our application, but if you have not taken it there is no need to worry. If you have taken it and wish to submit your scores you certainly may.

Q. I am a former student of WEBC/JSBC, how do I request my official transcript?

    A. Please complete our provided official transcript request ( CLICK HERE for form). You may submit it with payment to:
      JSBC Offices
      P.O. Box 262550
      Baton Rouge, La 70826

      OR Fax: 225-768-4533

Q. Is there a place for me to stay while at JSBC?

    A. We do have dormitory rooms for students under the age of 25 while at Jimmy Swaggart Bible College & Seminary. If you are over the age of 25 we encourage you to inquire at the Bluebonnet Towers for accommodations, which is our apartment facility on site: or you can certainly seek out other accommodations in the Baton Rouge area by visiting Baton Rouge is a great city with lots to offer! Lots of homes and apartments for rent in Baton Rouge. Trulia Baton Rouge apartment rental page with over 299 listings Zillow Baton Rouge apartment rental page

Q. What are your dorm rooms like? What do they come furnished with?

    A. We think we have some of the nicest dorm facilities to offer our students (please see age restriction policy).
    They come minimally furnished with two twin size beds and mattresses, two study desks with chairs, and two chests of drawers. These rooms are set up for double occupancy. They have a semi-private bathroom that connects the adjoining room.

Q. Do you have a meal plan?

    A. At this time JSBC does not offer a meal plan. We do have limited amenities for those students who are staying on our dormitory floors. However, students are highly encouraged to bring their own small appliances, such as dorm refrigerators, microwaves, toaster ovens, table top electric ranges and skillets or hot plates.

Q. Does JSBC have a dress code?

    A. Yes, our JSBC dress code is as follows:
      - All students must adhere to the JSBC Dress Code.
      - The Christian is to be an expression of Christ to the World. We then, as Christians, want to reflect a wardrobe and manner that exemplifies modesty, sobriety, and respect for ourselves and others.
      - T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and tennis shoes are prohibited for classes, chapels and Sunday morning church services (a relaxed dress code is implemented for Sunday and Wednesday evening services, in which jeans are allowed but the student is still to look “neat” and put together).
      - Men: Shirts (with collars), or sweaters and slacks.
      - Women: Dresses, dress skirts, or pants and dress blouses.

    *The staff will alert you if we will be having a relaxed dress day(s) – such as Fridays or the days before final exams.

Q. Are laundry facilities provided?

    A. Yes, both the student dormitories and the Bluebonnet Towers have convenient and affordable coin operated laundry facilities available around the clock.

Q. Do I need to have a laptop computer and printer?

    A. Yes, effective January 2014 it will be mandatory that students have their own computer equipped with Microsoft Word and printer for study purposes. Beyond this date it is no longer guaranteed that the current student computer lab will be provided, therefore it will be necessary that all students have a computer and means to print assignments. Wireless internet will be provided at various locations on campus.

Q. Will I need a vehicle while at JSBC?

    A. There are many restaurants and retail shops all available to the student within walking distance of the school and student dormitories. There is also a small grocery store on the corner within walking distance. However, it is highly stressed to the students to use extreme caution when walking to any location. Baton Rouge traffic can be very busy at all hours of the day and night! Students are implored to use the walking bridges when crossing Bluebonnet Blvd. If the student has his/her own car it is encouraged that they bring it, however it is not an absolute necessity.

    For students who do have vehicles, whether or not they are living on campus, they will need to see the College business office to arrange to receive the proper parking tag.

Q. What is the climate/weather like in Baton Rouge?

    A. Baton Rouge is known for its hot humid summers so please be prepared to be dressed accordingly. On average Baton Rouge receives 55 inches of rain each year and is known as a semi-tropical climate year round, with short but cool winters. On average a light jacket or sweater is needed during the cooler months. Snowfall is rare and unlikely although there usually are a few light freezes each winter.

Q. Am I allowed to work while attending school at JSBC?

    A. Yes, absolutely. Most of our students do have part-time jobs to help meet their expenses while in school with us.
    Baton Rouge has many job opportunities for anyone who is diligently seeking. Students may also put in applications to work for the ministry (please understand that being a student does not guarantee a job at the ministry). Students are simply asked to keep in mind when seeking employment their school schedule and church schedule times.