Here are a few testimonials from Students of our online Courses:

Pat, North Carolina -
These online classes has been a tremendous blessing to me. Why? Because every teacher focuses on the Message of the Cross. I've taken Bible classes before, but, they do not compare with what I am receiving from JSBC. he anointing is so powerful! I feel like I'm sitting right there in the classroom. Although I've been in a Pentecostal denomination for over 50 years. I am an evangelist; but, I'm learning more about the Word of God now than I learned in all those years. God bless Professor Lauren Lawson and the entire team oh professors!

Sharolette, Tennessee -
To GOD be the glory for all HE has done! Praise GOD for moving in the hearts of Brothers Swaggart and Larson to start and continue with the vision of this on-line Bible College. My entire relationship with GOD has changed. I had accepted Jesus as a child in a Baptist church truly got saved, but had no idea how to live for Jesus. No one ever preached about sanctification or life without sin. In my first year of classes, I learned that God really does wants us to know HIM, not for what HE can do but for who HE is. I pray each time before reading the commentary, watching a class online or taking a study guide exam and I can testify that The Holy Spirit is right there to help lead guide and direct us to the knowledge of Christ Jesus. The power of The Holy Spirit is big enough and powerful enough to go through the space of time and through the lines of the internet.!! The way they have recorded the classes makes me feel like I am right there in the class room, but with a huge advantage….THE PAUSE BUTTON!!!! I get to take my time, back up the video and watch it as many times as I so desire. I wish everyone, everywhere, and all ages would at least take one class.

Kerry, Louisiana -
JSBC online courses are very thorough, encouraging, insightful, as well as instructive. I have grown tremendously in my Christian walk as well as my further knowledge of His Word. Each course reveals to you the Message of the Cross and each is complementary to one another. The videos of the instructors in the classroom setting makes you feel as if you are actually there. Often times, the Holy Spirit will move in the middle of a lesson, to the which every professor has been sensitive in allowing Him to have His way. Every course I've taken thus far has been excellent and I plan on continuing my online enrollment with JSBC by enrolling in more courses. I would recommend JSBC online courses to anyone, regardless of age. These courses are Spirt-led, Spirit-filled, and provide a great deal of spiritual growth for the life of the Christian. Anyone looking for solid, Biblical teaching from God's wisdom rather than the wisdom of man, then JSBC online courses are for you. Whether you feel called to the ministry or are simply looking to further your Christian growth, I encourage you to check out JSBC. You will be blessed! Thank you JSBC and all who are involved for your faithfulness to His work! To God be the glory!

David, Louisiana -
I have read the Bible many times over the years and thought I knew a lot about God’s Word but when I took my first online course at JSBC I realized not only how little I knew but also that this was what my spirit had been crying out for. Taking the online courses through JSBC has broadened my understanding of the Word from the narrow vision I had gained through reading alone by teaching me to dissect the Word and not just read it. Age, education, social status, financial status, and geographical location are removed as barriers to taking the opportunity to learn about the things of God. Both the book knowledge as well as the spiritual knowledge you gain from these courses are invaluable. The Spirit of God reaches out to ALL through these courses, not just those physically attending. Thank you JSM for making this possible.

Eunice, West Africa -
I am really very glad that I am a student in Jimmy Swaggart Bible College and Seminary. I have been in the Church for more than 30 yrs and for about 20 yrs ago I had resolved in my mind that there was something in the scripture which I was yet to know. I had this question which had been in my mind for many yrs and never had the answer. It was how can one live for God and be actually sure that he or she is living right with God? One day while browsing the TV I came across brother Swaggart and heard the Message of the Cross. The teaching answered the question I had had for many yrs and has completely landed me into the rest of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that as I study truths which I have never ever heard for all the years that I have been a Christian, that wherever I am and have an opportunity to talk to someone about the Lord I will be saying truth which it alone sets men free.

Sara, Virginia -
I just finished Life of Christ and it was even more than I had hoped for. Thank you for all the work you put into these classes so we can take the courses online.

David, Arizona -
I thank you for the awesome experience of learning Professor Borg is an excellent example of a true solder of Christ. I interacted here at my desk at home praying with and partaking in the class discussions. The class was set up like you want me to succeed and I was able to meet the challenge with success. I look forward to taking more classes

Brenda, United Kingdom -
Your online courses have been such a blessing. The Church History course was a real eye opener.

Lee-Anne, Australia -
Just wanted to write and let you know both Galatians and Romans have been such amazing courses. The Message of the Cross is getting through. I am so blessed and thank SBN. more than I can relay words on paper. It's just so amazing waking up every morning free and resting in Jesus. Hallelujah, my Jesus, I thank you). I pray for you all at SBN. May God Bless you.

Lori, Canada -
Just wanted to say how much I have been blessed by this course. I felt the Lord leading me to JSBC and specifically to Romans Part 1. I have learned so much and needed this course so much. It has strengthened my walk in the Lord and I would recommend it to everyone. The actual online course materials, video's, quizzes were easy to follow and use. Bro. Larson is a wonderful teacher and it was just like I was in the class. Many times the anointing and power of God would come down in my own home while I was watching the video and I would be so touched by the presence of the Lord.