PAYMENTS for Campus Courses

Important Payment Information
All deposits or payments may be made in person in the College Business Office in the A.N. Trotter Student Life Center located on the third floor or mailed to:

      PO BOX 262550
      BATON ROUGE, LA 70826-2550

      DO NOT SEND CASH! The student's name and social security number must be written on the check or money order to ensure proper credit.
  1. Any student whose account falls 10 days in arrears will be suspended from classes. Any student placed on financial suspension will be terminated from JSBC following the third consecutive day of class suspension unless payment or acceptable arrangements are made.
  2. Each student is expected to make full payment to JSBC before the close of each semester. No grades, diplomas, degrees, or transcripts will be awarded or provided for any semester until all school bills are paid in full.
  3. Accounts must be paid in full before a student is eligible for re-enrollment.
  4. Accounts of married students are considered combined.
  5. We do not send reminders to your parents. This is your responsibility. Be responsible!
  6. Any departure from the payment plans as outlined herein must be approved in writing by the Business Office of JSBC.
  7. All fees are subject to change.

Method of Payment
At the time of registration, the following criteria must be met:
  1. Payment in full in US currency.
  2. If not able to pay in full, a down payment will be required of all other students at the rate of 1/3 of the total balance - See Deferred Payment Plan
  3. Any student with an outstanding balance must submit that balance plus 1/3 down payment in order to register for the following semester.
  4. Part-time students must pay according to the following schedule:
~ 1 class = 100 percent of tuition and fees
~ 2-4 classes = 1/3 of the total balance - See Deferred Payment Plan below

Deferred Payment Plan
There is a $40 administrative fee for participants in this program. Upon registration, the Deferred Payment Plan requires one-third of the total charges. The remaining balance is payable in three equal installments: 30, 60, and 90 days after the official registration date.

    Example: (Based on 15 College Credit Hours)
    Total Charges: $1,755
    Minimum due at registration: $585
    First installment (30 days): $390
    Second installment (60 days): $390
    Final installment (90 days): $390

During registration, you will be given a Promissory Agreement to carefully read, complete, and sign. The Business Office will record the entire balance owed and approve the Promissory Agreement. (Note: The larger the amount you put down at registration, the lower your payments will be.)

Advanced Payments
Payments may be made up to one semester in advance at any time following acceptance.

Payment Policy
All accounts are due and payable at the beginning of the semester. We strongly encourage our students to pay in full at registration. In case of inability to pay in full, a student may use the Deferred Payment Plan.

JSBC Withdrawal Refund
A refund is applicable for tuition and room. Up to 50% of each entered deferred payment unit can be refunded 1 week after due date of the particular unit payment. After that, there will be no refund available. The 1/3 down payment at the beginning of the semester is nonrefundable.

Students suspended from school for disciplinary reasons have no right to a refund of any tuition paid, or to the cancellation of amounts due.

*One month's room fee will be assessed to resident students withdrawing prior to and during the first week.

Nonattendance alone does not constitute an official withdrawal. Withdrawal from JSBC is not the same as dropping a course.

Dropped Courses
Courses dropped within the published time period allowed for the adding of courses will be credited 100 percent. No tuition refund will be given for course drops initiated after the published date.

Miscellaneous Information...

Health Insurance
Health insurance coverage is the responsibility of the student. The student will have the choice to either present proof of coverage or sign a waiver at the time of registration.

Meal Options
There are several restaurants and a mall within walking distance. A wide variety of restaurants are available within one or two miles of the campus. Students may prepare their own meals. A refrigerator and microwave oven are provided in the common area on each floor. (Range or conventional oven is NOT available.) As well, students may bring their own small appliances to keep in their room.

The cost for textbooks (approximately $200 per semester) will vary depending on the individual choice and the number of classes taken. The figure quoted is an approximate amount. Textbooks are purchased from the college bookstore and must be paid for in full at the time of registration.