From The Founder Of Jimmy Swaggart Bible College

Nearly forty years ago, the Lord put it on my heart to build a Bible college, something I knew little about, if anything. But the Lord knew exactly what He wanted and how He wanted it accomplished. Christ the carpenter is still building that which is eternal, and He uses people like you and me to help with constructions that result in people being saved, baptized with the Holy Spirit, healed, delivered, and set free. Still, there are times when the blueprint He lays before us is daunting.

When the Lord told me to build this Bible college, I walked to the empty lot where I believed the complex would one day stand. There, the Lord reminded me of another lot, empty some forty years earlier—the one in Ferriday, Louisiana that Lester Sumrall’s mother and sister cleared with their bare hands for the purpose of building a church. These dear ladies had no financial help or support of any kind, only a word from God to stretch a tent and start a revival, which would grow into a church. The richest man in the parish—my Uncle Lee—saw these ladies pulling weeds in that lot and asked who had sent them. Mother Sumrall stood up straight and said, “God sent us”; she was sure of that. Uncle Lee asked if they had any money, and they answered, “God will provide.” And He did. A tent was stretched, people came, and souls were saved. My uncle ended up loaning the money for that church to be built. It was the same church, incidentally, where my parents would say yes to Christ—a decision that transformed our home and later resulted in many souls being saved around the world.

If you believe that God has called you into the ministry, it is imperative that your faith reside in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. It is vital you know that God has sent you. And, you must trust that God will provide for you regardless of circumstance. Learning to live this way—by faith in Christ and what Christ accomplished at Calvary—is the true objective at JSBC. It’s not easy, nor is this college meant to be an easy place. You may find yourself clearing a spiritual lot or two with your bare hands. But at the end of your education here, I believe you will be able to stand strong for the Lord Jesus Christ in these last days and successfully carry out that which He has called you to do for the body of Christ.

In the Master's service, yours

Jimmy Swaggart

A Word From Our President

Dear Students and Families,

I welcome your interest in Jimmy Swaggart Bible College.

There are many religious colleges to choose from these days, but the fact that you are reading this is a strong indication that you are looking for something more than religion. At JSBC, we offer students a Spirit-filled experience in Christ-centered education.

For 35 years, JSBC has prepared students for ministry as pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, children and youth pastors, and church administrators. With the Bible as the cornerstone of our curriculum, we prepare students for real-life experience in the church, the workplace, at home, and beyond.

Our faculty members are educated and experienced ministers who know what it is and what it takes to preach the gospel at home and abroad, pastor churches, minister to prisoners, do street ministry, build a children’s church, and grow a youth group. Our classrooms connect to a worldwide ministry complex that uses every kind of media platform available including radio, satellite television, and social media, where students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with these mass communication tools.

As an alumnus of JSBC and a working pastor, I can promise prospective students a well-rounded education on a moral campus where diversity is valued, people are respected, and true Christian faith is practiced. As the grandson of founder Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, I can assure you that time spent here will result in a thorough understanding of what it means to be Pentecostal, the message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, and the importance of God’s Word in everyday life and living.

I invite you to come to Baton Rouge, tour our campus, meet with our professors, and attend a service at our home church, Family Worship Center. In other words, come to JSBC and experience the difference.

In His service,

Gabriel Swaggart